Thursday, October 03, 2013

When it all goes right…

Most of us are acutely aware of days when it all seems to go wrong.

But, every now and then, we hit a day when it all seems to go right.

Yesterday, for me, was one of those days. I’m just documenting it to practice gratitude.

It started at 5.30am in Dallas.

Took the cab to the airport, no problem. Was first in line at security.

I needed a smoothie—it was right across from my gate, which was directly across from security.

The flight got in early. The whole plane was full…except for the window seat next to me (I had an aisle seat).

I had arranged a phone call with the caveat that I would be late if something went awry on my flight. I called Tim exactly at noon.

I had lunch plans in Tysons Corner. There was no traffic and I was there, from the airport in 14 minutes, early for lunch.

The weather was gorgeous, there was a first-rate salad bar, and we ate outside.

Made it home with no traffic.

Took a run and had my best run of the year.

When I got back, the kids were there and we had a blast for 3 hours (I had been away for 2 days).

Read a book with Nadia. Watched baseball with Paco. Had a fun talk with Tikkanen.

After they went to bed, I got to Inbox Zero.

Had a chance to catch up on one of my favorite shows, Sons of Anarchy.

Wanted another smoothie…the NFO had gotten wheatgrass which I wanted to try out.

Had a good talk with the NFO.

Got a haircut.

The shirt I wanted to wear the next day was clean (thanks again to NFO).

Well, you get the idea.


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