Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Helping 1000 people in one year to build a business…

I’ve long believed that one of the best ways to build your brand (be it personal or corporate) is to focus on the needs of others.
If you do that, you earn trust…which is an asset that comes back to you.
Fact is, you can even be open about the fact that your motive is yourself long-term, but you know the strategy is about serving others.
Here’s an example…and something to think about as we move into 2013.
Robby Slaughter of Indianapolis set himself a goal at the beginning of 2012.
To help 1000 people.
He called in 1000in2012
Even built a website to track it all.
You know, if you are reaching out to Robby, he’s going to help you.
And I know that when he actually does—even if he is doing it for the reason that he thinks it will help him in the long-term, and I’m not saying he is—you’re going to trust him more.
That will, in some cases, lead to opportunities for him to do business with you.
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