Tuesday, March 02, 2010

40 Free Hours of Time…

By far, the best business decision I made in 2009 was hiring a virtual assistant, Mary.

She is INCREDIBLE and can do as much online as 98% of the people you know.

What’s more, however, is that she saves me valuable time.

Here’s an example.

I needed a label created for a package I was going to send. Mary has access to my calendar and contacts, so I wrote a 7 second note to Mary saying, “Label for Sara Miller.”

Next thing I know, a PDF comes back from Mary, which I print out and tape to the package.

Elapsed time: 15 seconds.

Now, contrast that with the effort to go to the USPS.com site (admittedly, it’s pretty good), fill out the form, click next, verify the credit card info, etc. 4 minutes? 5 minutes?

Now, multiply that out by 500 tasks.

That’s 2500 minutes of time that Mary has done for me (and more).

Which is 40 hours.

An ENTIRE work week of time savings.

Just HUGE.

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